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Always love a CK fit
The bag has a hole on the corner and I just seen it and don’t understand why it so cheap....you get what you pay for never again
Product just arrived and is boxes well and looks amazing. I purchased for the security feature and card slots that were shown in product description. I like the size but was not really excited about the money clip options versus a full length bill slot that seem to be the new thing with these and ither brand wallets. Im not a fan of visable bills when I open to retrieve my debit card or license but I am giving this a trial. So far I have used all card slots and find them to be quite tight. I have had for a week now and perhaps it will loosen some with more use. Will update in future.
Hanes quality as usual
i bought this as a gift for college for my sister, its beautiful and love how the zipper is on the back. thanks!
So far this product is working fine.
Good fit. His go to jeans now.
Great size, the straps dont stay in place
As advertised and arrived quickly. These socks are SO comfortable and offer nice colors. Worth the price.
This is a great gift for your sweet heart, it fit prefected and looked great
It hasn't faded yet so it makes me believe is made of a great material and it doesn't look cheap at all.
I wasn't to impressed on the size but they loved it!
Excellent Gift. My son loved it!!
Liked it
Extremely cheap, made me break out in hives
I bought this purse looking for a large purse with plenty of space. Received and was all excited. I have purse 2 months, and it is unusable becauseit is a purse which get lining stuck in zipper. Zipper is completly broken and purse is unusable. Photos do not show up.
helps in the bitter cold, but traps moisture on your face.
Hey, I feel weird leaving this comment. I love Carhartt brand. To me it's the working mans gold. However, for some reason, the scrub bottoms don't work for me. These are called "ripstop" and it makes me laugh because they always rip. I bought these Aug 27th. It's Oct 18th and they've ripped in the crotch. These are the 4th pair I've purchased. Three I got at a local scrub shop (two at first, one shortly later) and these online. The first two busted and I figured it was a sizing thing. So I got a bigger set. They busted. I wanted more so I tried online to save a couple bucks. Busted.

I'm just not supposed to wear these I guess. Sucks. Most scrubs feel like paper, these feel durable. But same place. Weak spot near the zipper.

Hopefully your mileage is better, but 2-3 weeks (even less because I have other scrubs I wear in rotation) isn't acceptable.
I have many different compression socks for working out and these are one of the worst. Too tight, material is cheap and scratchy, also the weave isn’t of compression nor quality as other athletic compression socks are.
The top was a bit larger than expected and the bottoms a bit smaller. But overall for the price, I really am happy with this purchase. The material is slick and won’t soak up liquids and I love the forest green color!! Won’t show stains!!
Size up
Bought this for hubby to wear to a wedding. Very pretty, looks great on him. Would recommend this for sure!
I don't buy billfolds very often, I buy quality when I need one. This one is top of the line IMO, and has RFID protection. Sad but true... this day and age, everyone needs this added protection.
The tank tops are a little thin, but other than that they fit my husband perfectly
Best shorts when it's hot outside!
Love the color and the quality but I never use the middle pocket cause it’s a pain in the butt to get into. Just not that crazy about the style. I wish I’d bought one with a big main compartment instead of three small ones.
Nice to have jogger pant
chains get tangled easily.
Love it
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